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Insanity - Day 27

Friday, July 20th
Today’s workout:  Plyometric Cardio Circuit

I cannot believe we are almost half way through the program! AAAH.
I did the workout this morning after talking the pup for her morning walk. She was being really good today and wasn’t trying to run ahead (too much) so it was an easy walk! Anyways, I quite like that the rest days for Insanity fall on Saturday, since this is my third time now that I’m going to be out of town on Saturday and won’t be able to do the workouts. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and go workout!!!

I haven’t been on tumblr in a few days! I’ve realized that sitting there scrolling endlessly through my dash wastes A LOT of time, though lots of the information I come across is informative. My brother brought his puppy over and I’ve been on babysitting duty. It’s seriously like a full-time, round-the-clock job. Today I got up at 630 to let her out to pee, then fed her and took her for a walk. She’s about 4 months old and is teething badly right now she requires a lot of attending to. Aaaaaalll daaaaaaayyy!

Buuuutttt anyways. Insanity Club girls (and guys, if there are any), I have been keeping up with the daily workouts though I haven’t been posting them like I should! I’ll get back into posting tomorrow so no worrieeees :)

Insanity - Day 21

Sat, July 14th
Today’s workout: Rest Day!

I realize I haven’t updated my Insanity log at all this week! I guess I forgot. But no worries, I haven’t forgotten to do the workouts! :)

Today’s a much needed rest day, though I did run for a bit this morning. It just feels weird to not work out at all during rest days, so I’m using them as days off of Insanity so that I can do whatever workout I feel like doing! 

Insanity: Day 15

Sunday, July 8th
Today’s workout: The Fit Test

I cannot believe we are already at day 15! It feels like I just started yesterday! AH. I feel like I haven’t improved that much since my first fit test 15 days ago, but I’ll take it. The differences between the first and current test aren’t huge, but they’re there! I’ll edit this post later and post my results. I have them written in my phone and it’s too far away from me right now, haha

Insanity: Day 14

Saturday, July 7th
Today’s workout: REST DAY!!

Ahhhh. A much needed rest day! I’m not going to spend the day sedentary though. I hope you all have a wooooonderful Saturday and enjoy the day off of Insanity (if your rest day falls today, of course)! :)

Insanity: Day 13

Friday, July 6th
Today’s workout: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

YEEEEEOOOOOOWWW! I was already hot before working out this afternoon because it’s so bloody hot out and I sweat so much today. I’m thinking I need to get a good post-workout recovery drink for days that I sweat a lot? For now, I’m just having protein shakes but I think that since this program is more focused on cardio than weight training, I should be more concerned about getting carbs after workouts. I’m going to try blending some oats into my shake after Sunday’s workout (tomorrow’s a rest day) and see how I feel! 

Hope you all are having a good weekend! :)

Insanity: Day 12

Thurs, July 5th
Today’s workout: Cardio Power & Resistance

Ugggggggggh. All I have to say is… when is rest day!? So close yet so far awaaaayyyyy

Insanity: Day 11

Wed, July 4th
Today’s workout: Cardio Recovery

This is suuuuch a well-deserved recovery workout! I feel so much better after doing this routine :) This is a short little update since I don’t have much else to say:)

QOTD: Don’t you just love Cardio Recovery? I do I do! 

Insanity: Day 10

Tues, July 3rd.
Today’s workout: Plyometric Cardio Circuit  

I am so dead today because of yesterday’s workout. I didn’t sleep so well so I woke up tired and feeling sluggish. I really didn’t feel like working out today but regardless, I did! This workout is one that I really like so that motivated me more to dig deeper. Thankfully, tomorrow is cardio recoverrrryyy!

QOTD: What time do you normally workout? It depends on the day and what my schedule is like. My personal preference is to workout either early in the morning if it’s cardio so I’m energized and have a good start to the day, or if I’m doing strength and lifting, I like doing that in the evenings where my mood is more calm and collected, and I have the energy to squat til failure!

Insanity: Day 9

Mon, July 2nd.
Today’s Workout: Pure Cardio

Hoooooly hell! Pure cardio is absolutely insane! In the past 9 days I haven’t sweat as much as I did today. I had so much energy during this workout that I dug deeper than I have ever before. I feel absolutely incredible right now!

I keep forgetting about the questions of the day! Here goes:

QOTD: Do you feel the Insanity Club is helping you at all?
Yes, I do! I love seeing the posts on our tag and the support we give one another. I know we don’t all know or are following each other, but it’s nice to know others are in the same boat in this challenge, and that we have somewhere to turn to for help, motivation, and support. My ask box is always open :)