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AHH I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve barely had any time for tumblr! Though I haven’t been really posting my workouts, I’ve still been doing them, so don’t fret! I think I’m on day 52 or something and I honestly don’t feel as if I’ve lost any weight but I do feel stronger. I really want to just put it on hold and start insanity now, since it’s only 60 days I could use the intensive cardio right now before the weather here gets any warmerrrr and the shorts break out. But then it’s like I WANT to complete P90X since I’ve come so far into the program. Hmm. I mean I could switch the cardio days for Insanity workouts but I don’t know. Blah. I need some inspirationnnn. I’ll figure it out later after class! Or think about it during class, since I don’t actually pay attention with this idiot prof. 

P90X - Day 50

Today’s workout was Kenpo X! I love this one. It’s especially great when you have a lot of stress and aggression you want to kick and punch out of you. I highly recommend it :)

P90X - Day 46


With a littlllleee Ab Ripper X.

I love legs day. I love squats. I’m in such a good mood right now. It’s delightful. It’s actually been an enjoyable Monday! I haven’t really experienced that at all this semester though you’d think I would have since I don’t have classes Mondays. Sadly, I spend them studying and writing idiot papers. I have to do that in a little while now for the rest of the evening, but that’s okay. It was a glorious sunny morning. Should have went for a morning run, but instead, I stayed in bed til NOON reading a book (not school-related, may I add!), then I made some breaky and worked out. And here we are. It’s been so nice to be able to relax for once. 


OH P.S. I’m so excited for PLL tonight, as I’m sure you guys (who watch it) are! AAAHHHH!!

P90X - Day 45

Sunday, March 18th.

I can’t believe how fast March is going by! I really need time to slow down right now. Life has been so busy and is just about to get crazier until the end of April at least. 

Anyways, today’s workout wassss supposed to be Yoga X. But I wasn’t in the mood for yoga. You can’t tell me when to do yoga, I have to be in the right mood and mindset for it. So instead, I ran for 30 mins with the help of Zombies, RUN!! (my new fave app) and I did Cardio X after that. Wonderful workout :) Now it’s time to study :(

Hope you all are having great days!

P90X - Day 43

Friday, March 16th.

Today’s workout: Plyometrics

I had fun doing plyo today! I was groggy when I woke up this morning and at the start of the workout, but that went away quickly. All in all, good workout. In other news, I am completely obsessed and addicted to crunchy natural peanut butter. I never really liked natural pb, so I stuck with almond butter. But this crunchy pb is amazing. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, go get some NOW. 

P90X - Day 39

Monday, March 12th.

Just completed today’s workout: Legs & Back, followed by Ab Ripper X!

My legs are screaming. In good pain. For some crazy reason, I decided to start my workout with a little run on the treadmill.  I find it harder to do cardio after strength and always have to do it first otherwise I probably won’t do it. But yeah. Now it’s time to study. Joyyyyy

P90X - Day 38

Yoga X! I hate yogaaaa but it was kinda nice today. Stupid time change messed my head up a bit this morning but I did yoga x bright and early, still half asleep. I think that if I do yoga early in the morning or late at night, yoga and I will get along with each other just fine.

P90X - Day 37

Today’s workout: Back and Biceps.

I love love love love this routine so much. Even after these 90 days are over, I’ll probably still do this one on a weekly basis. I got the app “Zombies, Run!” on my iPhone after seeing so many other runners on tumblr rave about it. So I tried that out last night instead of doing plyo and it’s awesome! I didn’t have music in the background because I don’t have music on my phone (still use my good old iPod) so it got a little boring at times when nothing was happening. But damn! Good app. Definitely motivational. I did some squats after that so my legs were a little sore today, but it’s all good. I’m going to use it again on Monday after P90X, making it a doubles day :)

P90X - Day 30

Saturday, March 3rd.

Just did Back and Biceps, with Ab Ripper X. I’ve never done this routine before and I have to say, it’s one of my favourites now!

P90X - Day 29

Friday, March 2nd.

Today’s workout: Plyometrics

Although yesterday was a rest day, I worked out for a little bit when I got back home from school. I’m so relieved that exam is over! Now I just have one on Tuesday, so I’m going to study diligently over the next 4 days for it. Anyways, I ran on my treadmill for a bit and did some Ab Ripper X last night. Exhausted, I slept like baby. Today, I did some Plyyyooo. I love this routine! It gets annoying at times, but I love it all the same.